moderated Re: Issues with Windows 11: renaming files and no hot keys in Google Chrome

Jeff Christiansen

First, after highlighting the desired file or folder for rename, use, F2, and start typing the new name, pressing enter saves as the new-name or escape to cancel.

Not sure why the JAWS shortcuts are not working. Are you positive you are running Fusion and not just Zoomtext? Wish I could be more helpful on the second.

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Subject: Issues with Windows 11: renaming files and no hot keys in Google Chrome

Hi everyone,
My laptop upgraded to Windows 11 because I wasn’t vigilant enough about preventing it from doing so, so now I’m trying to figure it out. I’ve listen to some Freedom scientific webcast and have done some searching, but I can’t find answers to some pretty simple questions. I am using the latest version of Fusion.

When I try to rename a file or a folder, I highlight the file and hit alt and arrow over to the rename button. Then my highlighted file says “edit“ but I can’t figure out anyway to actually type in a new name. Can anyone help?

And then with Google Chrome, none of my keys are working at all. If I hit H on almost any website jaws will tell me that there are no headings, even though I know there are. I can’t get to edit boxes or item lists or anything, none of the hot keys are working at all. Any ideas?

Thank you, BonnieIssues with windows 11 colon renameming files and Internet issues

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