moderated Question regarding the latest update to Quick Assist

Dave Durber

Hello everyone:
Has anyone on the list needed to use Quick Assist recently? I have! I got a prompt telling me there was a new release of Quick Assist, and I would need to get it from the Microsoft Store. My question is:
Has anyone who has limited or no vision on the list, successfully try and find and download the update to Quick Assist from the Microsoft Store. Personally, I had no success in downloading and applying the new update for this program.
I pose the following suggestion:
I would like anyone who has no vision or, very limited vision, try and successfully download the update for Quick Assist from the Microsoft Store. If anyone who is not vision impaired, please do not come in on this topic for at least 2 days, to see if muy challenge can be met. If anyone who is visually impaired, managed to do what I failed to do myself, will they plese enlighten me as to how they did it, with step-by-step instructions, so I can complete the update to Quick Assist. Whuy Microsoft did not include the latest update to Quick Assist as part of the Windows update process, will always be a mystery, except to Microsoft, of course.
Thanks in anticipation:
Dave Durber

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