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Bill White

Hi again, Eileen. In my last set of instructions, it should have read,


3. Press the Up and Down Arrows to adjust System volume in small increments.

4. To adjust System volume in larger increments at once, press Page up and Page down.


Bill White




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I’m new to this group, but have used Jaws a long time. Last December I got a new HP all-in-one computer running Windows 11 and Jaws 2022 most recent update.


On the new system my speaker is built in as a part of the screen (at least that is how it feels). On my old Win 10 computer I had a separate speakers and it had a little volume control that I could increase and decrease the volume easily and quickly. I’ve tried looking in the Jaws help but cannot find what I need to do in order to adjust the Jaws volume on the fly. Can anyone point me in the correct direction for making this adjustment?


Thanks in advance.





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