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JM Casey



Not sure how much I can help as I don’t use Audacity much at the moment, sticking with the one-track editor Goldwave. However I have used Audacity in the past and yes, it is quite usable from the keyboard by a screen-reader users. I believe there is, or was, even an Audacity for Blind mailing list; perhaps someone else here could point you there. There’s a VIP software guide made by David Bailes 9sp) as well. He has been pretty good with updating stuff but I’m not sure what the last version is. This was done with JAWS users in mind but everythign there pretty much pertains to all screen-readers for Windows as there isn’t much that’s JAWS specific.

Check out the semi-official wiki here:


And the VIP software guide. This pertains to version 3.0.3, which, if not the latest version, is pretty damn close and things won’t have changed much if at all.





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I apologize if this is off topic for this list, but I’m not sure where or who to ask. I would like to be in touch with anyone who currently uses the latest version of the Audacity software with JAWS. If things go as I am hoping, I may be using it for some recording. I need to know how accessible and operatable it is on a laptop computer with JAWS. I am looking for perhaps some tutorials or even classes online. If it is accessible with JAWS, I’d like to learn as much as I can about it.

I’m happy to go off list with people who use it or can lead me in the right direction. At this point, it needs to be that specific program, because I would be working or making recordings with others who are using it.




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