moderated Re: Unknown Constant when Compiling User-default.jss.

Udo Egner-Walter

Hi Dennis, 

I think the constant cmsgAlert_L is placed in a file which is not included in the included section of default.jss. Try to find out the name of this file and add it to the include section. Typically constants are placed in *.jsh files but it also could be that this constant is a message which are placed in *.jsm files. 

Do you have any third-party scripts installed? Or do you have your own scripts in a custom Default.jss? 


Am 23.05.2022 um 23:50 schrieb Dennis Brown <dennistbrown@...>:

I get the Unknown Constant error when I try to compile default.jss.
The line is as follows, and is in the MSAAAlertHandler event.
Let sMsgLong = formatString (cmsgAlert_L, sText)
Dennis T. Brown

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