moderated Re: amaizing discovery with my iPhone and jaws!

Josh Kennedy

I was thinking about the brightness issue in videos. What if the jaws virtual camera could indicate brightness by first adding a brightness toggle, and when in the virtual camera layer, as you move the virtual camera around the screen and zoom it in or out as needed, and you turn on indicate brightness with its toggle command,  jaws will play a constant tone or sound, the brighter the area, the higher the pitch of the sound you hear from jaws. you could customise it further, you could say, indicate brightness by volume or loudness of sound, indicate brightness with rapid clicks, the more rapid the clicks the brighter the area. The virtual camera will do for jaws, what the software synthesizer did for tts technology back in the early to mid 90s. In the 90s you needed a separate hardware synthesizer box just so jaws could talk. and now look, no box needed, because eloquence or the synthesizers you like are run as software on your pc speaking through the sound card. Yet the camera will be sort of like zoomtext. If we can magnify a screen in realtime for visually impaired folks, jaws should be able to use a software camera kind of like seeing-A-I or super sense on steroids but its all nicely baked into jaws. 

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