moderated Re: amaizing discovery with my iPhone and jaws!

Mike Pietruk

I wonder if this is, in any wayy related, to Youtube's ability to generate
transcripts of its videos.

I posted a question, here on the list, a couple of months back concerning
a news item that David Goldfield posted on its tech news list.

Here is the text I posted on this list at that time asking as to how this
might be used with JFW. Unfortunately, I got no responses back in March;
perhaps now, someone can come up with the keystrokes to the following
question I asked at that time

Overnight, David Goldfield, on his list forwarded an
item concerning
"How to Get the Transcript of a YouTube Video.

I am wondering if JFW2022 can do this.
If so, can someone translate this into JAWS steps or would a JAWS script
be needed to successfully accomplish this::

From the article, here are the instructions for a PC:
On a desktop or laptop, head on over to in a web browser
such as Google Chrome and open a video to watch.

Select a video.

Next, click the three-dot menu icon underneath the title of the

Select ÿÿShow Transcriptÿÿ from the menu.

Select "Show Transcript."

The transcript box will open and youÿÿll see the captions listed
along with timestamps. You can click a caption to jump to that part
of the video.

Select caption to jump to timestamp.

Wonder if this can be done on a pc, and, if so, how?

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