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Curtis Chong



I don’t know that you are doing anything wrong. I do know that within an email message where the HTML is somewhat more complex than your basic message layout, the behavior is not identical to the behavior you would experience were you viewing the email in the full-function browser.  Same Page links these days don’t always work when one presses Enter on them. I would encourage two approaches to attack the problem. First, Copy and paste the message into a blank Word document and see if the behavior is any different. Secondly, save the email as an HTML page and open that page in your preferred web browsing program.




Curtis Chong


From: <> On Behalf Of Mark Fisher
Sent: Monday, May 23, 2022 3:54 AM
Subject: Moving To An In Page Link In An Email


Hi, I've noticed in an e-mail if there are some in page links. These typically would be toward the top of the email like a table of contents. Clicking on the link should take you to that part of the email rather than scroll all the way down.

I can see these by using JAWS Key +F7 for the list of links.  I then scroll through the list to the link I want to activate and move to that link rather than activating it.. I assume then I can press enter for it to take me to the top of that email topic. I can visually see that it does this on screen but then when I press down arrow or Insert+Numpad 2 to start reading, the cursor moves back to the top of the email.

What am I doing wrong??
Mark Fisher
Manager - People Systems
Water Corporation of Western Australia

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