moderated RefreshScreen, How To Find In Default JSS

Mike B.

Hi All,
Here are some easier steps:
1. Open the Jaws Manager, with, Insert + F2, & open the Scripts Manager.

2. With the Script Manager open press, Alt + F, for the file menu & press the letter, E, to open the Shared File folder, now press, Shift + Tab, into the list of shared folders, & navigate to the, Default.JSS file, and press enter to open.
3. Press, Control + F, to open the Find dialog and type, RefreshScreen, but read RefreshScreen character by character and type it exactly that way, press enter and you should hear Jaws report, selected RefreshScreen.
4. Press escape to put you on, Script RefreshScreen.
5. Now down arrow 10 or 11 times to, UnmuteJawsSoundcard
6. Go to the beginning of, UnmuteJawsSoundcard, and type a semicolon.
7. Press, Control + S, to compile the script, and you should hear Jaws report the compile was complete.
Note:  After doing all this and checking the script again, the semicolon I put in front of, UnmuteJawsSoundcard, was not there.
Stay safe and take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.

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