moderated Moving To An In Page Link In An Email

Mark Fisher

Hi, I've noticed in an e-mail if there are some in page links. These typically would be toward the top of the email like a table of contents. Clicking on the link should take you to that part of the email rather than scroll all the way down.

I can see these by using JAWS Key +F7 for the list of links.  I then scroll through the list to the link I want to activate and move to that link rather than activating it.. I assume then I can press enter for it to take me to the top of that email topic. I can visually see that it does this on screen but then when I press down arrow or Insert+Numpad 2 to start reading, the cursor moves back to the top of the email.

What am I doing wrong??
Mark Fisher
Manager - People Systems
Water Corporation of Western Australia

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