moderated Re: Insert + Escape, when to use it?

Josh Kennedy

if you don't want your sound unmuted when you hit the refresh screen command, then you have to modify the jaws refreshScreen script in script manager by first opening the script manager, press alt+f then down arrow to open shared file, and open the default.jss file. then look for the script that is called, refreshScreen. Inside that script there is a line that says something like unmute sound card. select and delete that line of the script then hit control s to save and recompile the script which will then save it as a user script and that will take priority over your shared jaws scripts. Now close script manager and restart jaws if you hear the message compile complete. And now that the unMute sound card line is out of there, jaws should not unmute sound every time you want to refresh the screen. Now if you want to get more complicated than that, you may be able to add a condition to the script and so the script will check and see if anything such as mucic is playing and if it is, then jaws will not unmute sound card, but if it is not, then jaws will ttry unmuting the sound card. but I am not advanced enough with scripting to know how to do that. 

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