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Mike B.

Jaws doesn't have a command for this , but Windows does and Jaws will tell you if a screenis maximized or not if you press, Alt + spacebar, to open system settings and down arrow through the options.  If the, Maximize, setting says, unavailable, that means that the screen is maximized.  But if maximize doesn't say unavailable press enter on it to maximize it.
The shortcut keystroke to maximize a window is, Windows key + up arrow.
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From: Mark
Sent: Thursday, May 19, 2022 5:32 PM
Subject: Get size of Browser Window

In web sites, the size of the browser window can affect the visual interface dramatically. In some pages, a menu bar on a wide screen could get folded into a collapsed button menu on a smaller screen.  A person might not realize their browser window is half the screen size and that the layout of a favorite webpage is suddenly quite different. Is there any JAWS command that could help report the size of the window thing?  A message such as "Window is not maximized",  could be helpful. Maybe "Window is 50% width of the screen" or "Windows is 100% width of the screen"

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