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kevin meyers


Hi Tom,


I used the alt P and then backed tabbed a number of times and was able to get the BCC to show.







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Try these instructions.  They work for me.  Let me know if they work for you.


Tom Behler


Instructions For Activating or De-activating BCC Field


If you want to turn off the BCCField;


1, new message, ctrl+n

2, now press, alt+p/b





after the ctrl+n=new message,

you could alt+p=options,

now tab to turn off the BCCField press enter.


If you can’t get the activation and de-activation toggle to work, try the following:


After the alt P, try shifttab and enter on BCC.





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Subject: turn on BCC



Hello, I’m using Outlook2016 and most recent version of Jaws2022. I looked through my notes and emails from the list and couldn’t find anything on turning on BCC for an email created in Outlook2016. I do have instructions for Outlook2019 and the BCC option didn’t show up. Where can I find BCC in Outlook2016?

Thanks, Kevin


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