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O.Addison Gethers

Hi Jans

Well I did called microsoft disability support  the lady who answer my call ,she did give me step by steps instruction  so I will have to work on it with jaws keystroke


How to upload a video on YouTube

1.            Open Microsoft edge and type

2.            Keep pressing tab until create button is selected

3.            Press enter twice to select upload a video

4.            Keep pressing tab again until select file button is selected

5.            This will open the File Explorer and you need to go to the video where you save the video so press shift tab 3 times then arrow down to videos folder , press enter and navigate to the list of video by pressing arrow down and once the video is selected press enter

6.            Wait for 30-45 minutes to upload the video depending on how long is your video

7.            Once done keep pressing tab until “yes it’s made for kids” then arrow down to select NO it is not made for kids and make sure it is check

8.            Keep pressing tab again until copy video link button is selected then press enter

9.            Keep pressing tab again until the next button is selected then press enter

10.          Enter again to select next button

11.          Enter again to select next button

12.          Keep pressing tab until public is selected

13.          Keep pressing tab until save button is selected then enter

14.          paste the link to the messeng





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Video showing how to upload to Youtube!

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Hi  All

I have jaws2021 and laptop  windows10  computer. Does anyone  know how to upload the video in youtube  and get the youtube links to put in my friend  facebook messengers?

Because I cannot  send the video in attachment iin email .

I will appreciate any answer from anyone .


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