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Mike Pietruk


Thanks that also works on my HP desktop.

Just a note of warning -- at least for me, it also adjusted some other
settings. Initially, I couldn't get the run command to function and Edge
and Chrome did some balking.
So, other defaults may get triggered which you will have to adjust.

Appreciate the quick help as this was driving me bonkers.

On Thu, 12 May 2022, Bill White wrote:

Hi, Mike. What is the make of your computer. Each computer has different
ways of turning off "Media Keys" or "Hotkeys". If it's a Dell, press the FN
key, which is usually just to the right of the lefthand CONTROL key plus the
ESCAPE key. If it's another brand, you may be able to use a software program
resident on the computer to change the behavior of the function keys. Some
Lenovo computers will respond to the same steps I gave above, press the FN
key plus ESCAPE, and see if that changes the behavior of the function keys.

Bill White


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Subject: Setting Function Keys to NormalGood morning!

A strange issue. I somehow accidentally changed what 3 of my function
keys do. f5, instead of refreshing the screen, goes to Yahoo search. f6
brings the pc to the logon screen. Hit the return and things return to
normal except, of course, the f6, which of course has uses in Jaws, cannot
be employed for that purpose.
F8 prepares the pc for shutdown.

What do I do to get these keys to do what they are intended to do for most

Thanks for any guidance.

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