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Mike, thanks so much. It makes me feel better that it’s as much of a pain to use for sighted people as for us. I’ll work on it after a good night’s sleep! Thanks. Judy & Libby


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Hi Judy,


Try taking a look at the website below for help with your situation. 



Also, here's a couple of notes I saved to help my sighted wife post a new message on Next Door.  Next Door is as big a pain in the ass to sighted as it is to blindfolks.


From: mcLeod stinnett
From Mack i use a desktop computer and i am always logged in to next door. tell your wife to subscribe to the digest version, she will have an easier time of it.  just browse the posts, select the one she wants to read, she will be taken online, hit skip to main content. there you go. it's not the best website, but it is workable.


 A couple more tips.  This will get you started.
Go to the main site.  Do a search for the word, General, and click on it to open it.
Then go to the top of the page, do another search for, General.
Tab or arrow once to, Add new, button. open that, and you will get a modal to post in. H t h



MEMBER SUPPORT: 877-629-6972



How to post to Nextdoor via the desktop website


1. Log in to


2. Click on the field that reads "Post a message, event, poll or alert to your neighborhood." 
Find and select the post toolbar on your Nextdoor dashboard.  


3. Click on the type of post that best corresponds to what you're trying to post, whether that be a message, event, poll, or urgent alert. For the purposes
of this guide, we are using the message type of post. 
You can select from four post types on Nextdoor.  


4. Click on "Choose a category." From the list that appears, click on the category that best corresponds to the topic of your post. 
Categories help ensure your post reaches the right audience.  


5. Type in a subject and the text of your message. When you're done, click "Visible to" and click on the option that best represents how visible or private
you want your post to be. 
Enter a post subject and your message in their respective boxes.  


6. If you want to add a photo or video to your post, click on "Add photo or video" and select the image or clip you want to attach.


7. When you are finished composing your post, click on the green "Post" button to publish it.  
 Click "Post" to publish to Nextdoor.  



Stay safe and take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.

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Subject: help with Next Door if possible


Hi, all, I used to, say a year or so agao, be able to send a post to Next Door. I’m looking for a dog walker for my pet dog and wanted to post on there but it is impossible. I’ve tried different ways, going to “post a message” or “messages” and they want me to fill in the area I want it to go which I can’t seem to do. Has anyone had any luck with posting a message on there and if so, please let me know what you did and how you did it. Thanks so much in advance. Frustrated Judy & Libby

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