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Adrian Spratt

Hi Steve,

I wasn't being snarky. I was hoping to point you to a thread that might help and that you could look up in the list archive. If I'd kept that thread, I would have included it with my reply. Mario's information is typically reliable.

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Could be, but you know how these things go. Until you have the problem, you tend not to notice messages about it as they fly by you.

On 5/9/2022 2:02 PM, Adrian Spratt wrote:
I believe Mario has posted several times about this function and the newly created defect in JAWS 2022.

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I don't know if this is a user problem or a scripting problem, someone will clear up that question and carry on with the answer on the right list.

In JAWS 2022, current build, I'm getting the following error when I
press Control plus Shift plus T in Zoom to hear the identity of the
currently speaking conference participant:

Unknown function call to ClearLastNotificationAppName

Of course, the function name is first spoken, then spelled.

I am not using any third-party or homebrewed scripts for Zoom--this is
straight outa-the-box JAWS. Works fine in 2021, best in 2020, all on
current Zoom,

Thanks in advance.

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