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JM Casey

Definitely related to JAWS scripts, though if not everyone is experiencing this, there could be some user setting on zoom, possiblys omethign that changes display layout somehow, so that the script function doesn't perform as expected.

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I don't know if this is a user problem or a scripting problem, someone will clear up that question and carry on with the answer on the right list.

In JAWS 2022, current build, I'm getting the following error when I
press Control plus Shift plus T in Zoom to hear the identity of the
currently speaking conference participant:

Unknown function call to ClearLastNotificationAppName

Of course, the function name is first spoken, then spelled.

I am not using any third-party or homebrewed scripts for Zoom--this is
straight outa-the-box JAWS. Works fine in 2021, best in 2020, all on
current Zoom,

Thanks in advance.

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