moderated Phonetic Spelling of Extension In Attached File

Margaret Thomas

Good Afternoon:

I have a bad hearing problem and received an attachment with an unfamiliar extension when I was expecting something like .DOCX or .PDF. I search for what I thought I heard and found out there really was such an extension as .ODT and a bit about it, and I was able to open the file. However, pressing say line 3 times that I thought would give me the phonetic spelling of the letters, like Delta for d, gulf for g, only spelled the letters. In JAWS 2021 (desktop layout), what would the correct keystroke have been?

I'm running Windows 10 Pro desktop and Thunderbird 91.9.0 32 bit, with the message open, I hit Alt-M and h This gives the name of the file.

Many thanks. I'm an old dog trying to remember the tricks she used to know,


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