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Karina Castro

Hello, did you try with  I use it frequently for ebooks and documents from university, so you could be restricted if your doc is bigger than 50 mb.  Other of my tools is ABBYY Fine Reader, more powerful and my favorite option, you can find any version with key included and try it.

Good lock!

El 7/5/2022 a las 18:12, ravi.pawa@... escribió:
What is the most reliable and inexpensive way to make an inaccessible PDF accessible in it’s original page format? The reason why I want to keep the original format is because often times when I OCR a PDF that has multiple columns or tables, the format gets really messed up and it’s hard to read through. I am aware that I can OCR using JAWS and open the file in Word, but I want to keep the file in Adobe Acrobat and read it using Fusion.
The only option that I can see is using Adobe Acrobat Pro which is very expensive in my view. Any other options?
Salu2, Kari

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