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Hi Debie

Thank you so much at least I can read some of the screen. But still cannot
access the file menues, tried right clicking with mouse button, and left
click with mouse button to no joy.

At least have made a bit of a start.

Many thanks again.


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Hi Michelle,

I don't know if my idea will enable you to use the program, but try JAWS
Convenient OCR. Use the layered keystroke insert then spacebar and then o.
At this point I would try pressing w for JAWS to OCR the window. After JAWS
has finished scanning you can read the results with the JAWS cursor. The
text that got the OCR treatment will read in a different voice.

I hope that helps! Good Luck!

Take care and stay safe!


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Subject: jaws and optuma

Hi everyone

I want to have Jaws and a share Trade program interact with each other. I
dowwnloaded a program called Optuma which is a graphical program that you
annalise shares. So far am getting absolutely nothing from the screen. A
sighted friend tells me there is the main screen of the program but jaws is
not recognising anything. No titles headings status bar. Tried insert plus z
routed Jaws to pc cursor, right click nothing being recognised. I am having
no issues with Jaws and other programs on my system. Any ideas I can try?
Any ideas. Am using latest Jaws, Windows 11. The company knows absolutely
nothing about accessibility, screenreaders or tts.

Regards Michelle

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