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Mike B.

Hi Margaret,
Read through the steps once or twice to kind of get and idea of what you're going to be doing.  It's a lot of words for something pretty simple, in which you will probably start remembering as you read them.
1. Open the Jaws context menu with, Insert + J.
2. Press the letter, O, to open, Options, or press enter on Options.  Now press the letter, B, to open Basics, or press enter on Basics.
3. Tab a couple times to, Automatically start Jaws..., button and press the spacebar.  Uncheck the first 2 checkboxes you come to, the first checkbox may be the only one checked, but regardless my suggestion is to make sure they're both uncheck since you're the only user of this computer.  Notw tab 1 time to, Start Jaws after log-in for this user, combobox and arrow up / down to, Never.
4. Tab to, Okay, and press enter to save / close.
Now do you have a shortcut key assigned to start Jaws2021?  If not that's okay we can work around it.  You don't have to do this, but I suggest that you get on the desktop.
5. Now unload Jaws2022 with, Insert + F4, and press enter.  If you have a shortcut key assigned to start Jaws2021 go ahead and start J2021, but if not keep reading.
If you don't have a shortcut key do this:  Press the, Windows key + R, to open the Run dialog.  Type, jaws2021, into the Run dialog and press enter.  This will start Jaws2021.
6. Now follow steps 1 thru 3 and this time check the boxes you previously unchecked in Jaws2022, and the Start after log-in setting set to Always, if that's the way it was before.  Now tab to, Okay, and press enter.
Stay safe and take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.

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Subject: Changing Which Version of JAWS Boots Up

Hi, All:

I'm having a senior moment and hope someone can help refresh my memory.
I have JAWS 2019 to 2022 on my Windows 10 desktop computer.  I installed
J2022 last month and, it needs some tweaking before it is ready to
become "default" JAWS version here and it had been coming up without
permission when I booted up.  Now, J2020 is coming up when I boot up.
I'd like to have J2021 be the one to come up until/ if J2022 is ready
for prime time. How can I make J2021 the "default"?

Any help is much appreciated.


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