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Bonnie Vegiard

Very helpful, thank you!

Bonnie Vegiard, LCSW

On May 4, 2022, at 3:59 PM, Jeff Christiansen <jeff@...> wrote:

here is a link for overall help using Teams with JAWS

the quick start guide

finally, the keyboard shortcuts

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It would seem you should be able to get the scripts as a reasonable accommodation. If not, you’re on the right track going through the Freedomscientific material.

On Apr 28, 2022, at 7:57 AM, Bonnie Vegiard <bonnievegiard@...> wrote:

Thanks. I work for the VA, so we will see if the government allows me to install the Scripps! I’m not thrilled about needing to use this program, but it is definitely one of the things that is out there and I need to figure this out. Thanks for the tip.

Bonnie Vegiard, LCSW

On Apr 28, 2022, at 8:28 AM, Michael Mote <miketmote73@...> wrote:
Hi Bonnie. When I use teams, if I am in a call, it is normally in a
separate window from the regular Teams program. If you use it a lot,
you might consider downloading the scripts for Teams from Doug Lee's
web-site. They make Teams work better from what I can tell. Teams is
hard to get used to, and quite honestly, not as good as Zoom in my
humble opinion. That is not saying that you can't use it effectively,
but Zoom is easier.

On 4/28/22, Bonnie Vegiard <bonnievegiard@...> wrote:
Good morning everyone,
At my new job I need to use Microsoft teams regularly. I’m trying to
go through the Freedom scientific resources on YouTube and the
webinars about it, but there is a lot of material there, and things do keep changing.
Yesterday I listened to a YouTube about Jaws 2021 that said there’s
a setting where you can put a Microsoft teams call into a separate
window, and then your hotkeys would be available. But when I went to
look in teams 2022, that setting did not appear to be there. Does
anyone know, are the calls already in a separate window, or is there
someway for me to make the hotkeys more accessible on a call?

Thank you, Bonnie

Bonnie Vegiard, LCSW

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