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You mention the JAWS find control-f. Actually, control-f is a Windows function. The JAWS search control is JAWS key+control+f. I use this latter command as my Web search default.

I hope this is the right answer for you.

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Hello all, I create reports on a daily basis for the Talking Information Center. I look at the MBTA.Com website to get the delays and relocate location changes so those needing to get the changes will get the most accurate report. My problem is, I usually type in delay after using control f so jaws (the latest jaws) can find the word delay. For some reason, the website or jaws is not finding this. I have gone through many times with jaws and google crome at the site and can't figure what has changed. What happened before was, I would got to the subway section and do the delay search and anything with delay would come up with the jaws find control f. I would do the same for the Bus and Commuter Rail section. There are lots of delays on a daily basis that scrolling down one line by line would take so much more time. Are there Jaws users here have any suggestions that would help me? Greatly appreciate it. Andy and Leroy

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