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JM Casey

Power supply, as someone mentioned before.

You could try leaving the computer unplugged for a while and see if it still does this.

If not, then I guess you have a relatively easy fix as you might just have to replace the charger/adapter.

Otherwise, it’s internal power supply that is faulty, is what it sounds like – but get it checked.

The laptop is not old, certainly, but laptops can be delicate things and weird stuff like this can go wrong.



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Good morning everyone,

I am a bit surprised and at a loss as to what to do.

I have a very good and nice laptop that I purchased a little over a year ago. It’s one of the best I’ve had.

Yesterday, I was about to attend a function via Zoom when I noticed that even while it was closed and supposedly off, it rebooted itself. I knew that because the Windows startup sound came up.

The battery was at 86% at the time.

I actually opened the computer to see if it was on, but it wasn’t, so I pushed the power button, and it supposedly booted as normal. Once I went through getting going and getting my Zoom room set up, I noticed JAWS stopped talking, and a few seconds later, it rebooted again.

I thought it might be doing Windows updates, but that was not the case.

I went through everything again, and while I waited for my people to come to my zoom room, I went to Outlook to check email. I heard a click, the computer turned off and began rebooting again. After doing this a couple more times and being very tired from the general day, I gave up and closed my laptop and just left it plugged in. Sure enough, from the other room, I heard the faint sound of the Windows Startup sound.

I’ve never seen this happen before. I could understand an update doing several reboots, but this was not the case.

Does anyone have any good suggestions? Again, this is a great laptop and has served me well, until yesterday.




I couldn’t tell if anything was going on,

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