moderated JAWS cursor not being activated on laptop


Dear List Friends,

I request your assistance in solving a strange problem faced by one of my students.

She is using a Windows 10 laptop with Windows updated to 2021H2 version & JAWS 2022 updated with the April 2022 update. For the past few days, she is unable to activate her JAWS cursor. When she presses the minus key on her laptop numpad, JAWS stays silent & does not activate the JAWS cursor.

We have uninstalled JAWS with all the user settings & made a fresh install of JAWS 2022. Since the problem continued, we tried uninstalling JAWS 2022 & installing JAWS 2021 but the same problem of JAWS cursor continued. We also verified that the JAWS versions were installed in desktop mode.

When JAWS is turned off, the minus key behaves normally. It also behaves normally with the latest version of NVDA.

Kindly guide me regarding how we can solve this problem as she needs to use a software at work requiring use of the JAWS cursor.

Thanking you all in advance for any & all assistance.


Sameer Latey

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