moderated Re: turning on jaws scan cursor in any application

Steve Nutt

Why would you want the scan cursor on in Notepad?


All the best



From: <> On Behalf Of Josh Kennedy
Sent: 27 April 2022 03:13
Subject: turning on jaws scan cursor in any application



I think I figured out how to force the jaws scan cursor on in certain applications. You have to go into:


C:\ProgramData\Freedom Scientific\JAWS\2022\SETTINGS\enu\

and if you don't see it you have to go into file explorer options and turn on show hidden files and folders. 

then open default.jcf in notepad. and you are looking for this section I will paste below. 



;Classes starting with the strings defined in this section will be used to activate the scan cursor version of the JAWS and Invisible cursors.






The question I have is this: what do I put into this section so that notepad is a valid class for the jaws scan cursor? or do I need a special notepad.jcf file with this section from default.jcf included in it? I looked in hjglobals.jsh and hjconst.jsh for such class names and could not find them. 




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