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Adrian Spratt

Hi Tom,

Needless to say, you're absolutely right. However, the advantage of the control-F6 method becomes apparent when you're working with several other applications, in addition to Word. If you just want to switch between documents and not keep encountering those other applications, control-F6 does the job.

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I don't know how to fix your document switching issue in Word, but you can always shift between open Word documents by using the alt tab command.

This is what I've always done, and it seems to work consistently.

Good luck in getting things back to the way you want them.

Tom Behler

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Hi Ann,

The Control+F6 key is not a JAWS feature it's a Word feature. To verify that JAWS isn't involved I would test this with the Narrator screen reader (which is included in Windows) or NVDA. If the focus loss is seen there as well then Word is responsible for this and maybe an update of the office software can fix this. If this happens in JAWS only let us know and we can think more about solutions.

Good luck

Am 27.04.2022 um 12:29 schrieb ann <tate886@...>:

Hi folks,

I'm using latest Jaws V22, latest windows10, and latest Word 365. The
Control+F6 key no longer switches between documents in word. It acts
Control+like it
has switched by speaking the name of the next document it should have switch to, but then I always get a "Lost Focus" message, and have to alt+Tab to the document anyway.

I've tried making sure everything is maximized, hitting restore, even
looking to see if there is a different between using the left and right control keys, just about everything I can think of. Anyone have any ideas how to fix this?



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