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Mich Verrier

I have never used Johnson dragon together but I do know you need a third-party piece of software I think it’s called Jaycee or job access bridge or something like that to work between the two programs you can make it work but it’s a pain apparently to make it work but it can be done hopefully someone else who uses dragon on a regular basis could chime in because my information might be wrong I’m going by information I remember hearing about the number of years ago so I could be out of date but I don’t know but I think the program that you use is Jesse to communicate between Josh and Dragon naturally speaking from mich

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 Actually had good success with Windows Speech recognition and JAWS.  Editing, still need the keyboard. But if you have a good mic and practice speaking clearly and a little slower, you should be able to get your thoughts on a page. 

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Hi I am a jaws user, and I was wandering if you or anyone on the list use  jaws and dragon together.

If so how is it and what is the out come of it.

Because I am trying to perches dragon for my self.

Can you please send this email to everyone on  the  list.

Thank you

Amir Shah



Thank You

Jeff Christiansen


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Was wondering if anyone has knowledge if Spark Instant Messenger is compatible with JAWS 2018?


Jim Rinehart

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