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Joseph Machise

        Hi bill tried to write you off list, can you send me the link for CDEXE

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From: Bill White
Sent: Sunday, April 24, 2022 10:10 PM
Subject: Re: a word that Jaws really mispronounces

Hi, Nancy. One change I would have made in the phoenetic pronunciation of beignet is that I would have used one e in ben yea, because when you write the word been as in the past tense of be, it almost sounds like an I sound, whereas if you write ben, it sounds like a short e, the way beignet should sound.


Bill White




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Sent: Sunday, April 24, 2022 6:12 PM
Subject: Re: a word that Jaws really mispronounces


Hi, if the word that jaws mispronounces should be said as force fed, it would not take more than a minute to correct the pronunciation from forcefed to force fed.  Here's a word that I corrected earlier today:  beignet.  I corrected it to be said been yea...and it will be said properly each time it comes up because Imade the change in the word dictionary.


Just a thought.


On 4/24/2022 7:13 PM, Josh Kennedy wrote:

I was reading on a forum and came across a word that Jaws really can't pronounce. the word 
Go over that word carefully or have jaws spell it out one letter at a time and you'll see what I mean. Not sure if Vocalizer pronounces that one right as I currently don't have it installed. But I find it odd that a pretty common word could or would be so horribly mispronounced by eloquence. Well eloquence is around a 27 year old tts after all. People told me other words eloquence can't pronounce but I guess the word forcefed is just one of those undocumented mispronounced words. 

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