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Annabelle Susan Morison

You could also go into "eloqmain.dct" in Notepad, and type something like:
Malachi [.1mAl.0x.2kY]
MALACHI [.1mAl.0x.2kY]
malachi [.1mAl.0x.2kY]

On 04/24/2022 6:13 PM Bill White <billwhite92701@...> wrote:

Hi, David. If you're talking about the book of the Bible, I've usually seen it spelled, Malachi. Still mispronounced, but if you put it in the JAWS dictionary and change its pronunciation there, you could make it come out more or less correct. If you spell it the way it is in your post, though, and you come onto the regular spelling, you're still going to get the mispronunciation, because the word wasn't entered with the correct spelling in the first dialog where it needs to be detected as a word for which the pronunciation should be changed.


Bill White




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That’s why we have a JAWS dictionary.  LOL.  How about this one Melichi.  That should be pronounced as Melakeye


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On Sun, Apr 24, 2022 at 07:13 PM, Josh Kennedy wrote:


Should be force-fed (most commonly), or two separate words. 

As one word it defies a lot of standard phonotactic rules of spoken English.  I'd imagine you'd get something like forcef (not a real word) with a past tense ED somehow attached to it.  Or it could be a lot worse.  I don't have the synth available to test.

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