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Marty Hutchings

What version of JAWS are you using?  Do you have Speakers (Realtek(R) Audio) as an option under the sound card list in JAWS Utilities?

On 4/21/2022 9:57 AM, T. Civitello wrote:
Thanks for the advice but the press insert space vc “ doesn’t work in Windows 7. I have Jaws and the system separated but the problem is that Jaws is coming out of the external amplifier and bookshelf speakers while music from the internet is coming out  of the regular computer speakers. I am thinking of swapping the amplifier output and the computer speakers output. Do you think this will work?  Tom
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Subject: Re: Using external sound card to seperate Jaws and music


Ensure that music and jaws are playing on the external/ USB speakers.

Now, press insert space vc and from the list select the speakers Realtech high definition audio and you are good to go.

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Subject: Using external sound card to seperate Jaws and music


Did not get any help from the Blind Tech list on this subject so thought Jaws users might help. I want to separate Jaws and music when playing background music by routing music to an external amplifier and speakers attached to the amplifier. I have an external sound card which seems to work at least I get a signal when testing it in the control panel. So now how do I route the music to the external card and Jaws to the computer speakers?  Tom

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