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Thanks for your thoughts on my situation. You may have thoughts on this also:

When the machine is trying to boot, I get the menu that says I can boot to safe mode or start windows normally. Of course, if I don't make a choice, it trys to start normally and starts the continuous cycle. If I choose safe mode, it comes up (not really in safe mode), but with a screen full of file names that don't mean much to me.

I was thinking about like you: Something wrong with the boot record or something similar. So I put in the windows cd thinking there is a windows repair function on there. But the cd drive won't read it. It get into checking the system and stops with telling me that some file is corrupt and some other file is missing. Now I'm thinking, in addition to my main problem, the cd drive is flakey. So I brought the CD to a machine that I know is working and it seems to be OK--though there doesn't seem to be a repair tool on there--at least not in the menus. So I found another drive that I'm gonna try; just haven't got to it yet. When I do, if it will read the CD, I think I'll install windows over itself. That'll maybe get me bye until I can get another hard drive in there.

Does all this make sense to you?



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The boot partition, or some related structure, may need to be repaired.

It would probably be a very good idea to run hardware diagnostics, preferably a pre-boot diagnostic program (ask the vendor/manufacturer).

Unfortunately you may need to have a sighted technician do these maintenance functions.

Worst case: you may need to replace the hard drive and/or reformat and reintall windows xp.

Once "last chance" option would be to do a "repair reinstall" of windows xp.

A "repair reinstall" overwrites the existing "system files" only for windows xp, without upsetting the user data files.

If you have an underlying hardware problem, you can fix the computer, but the problem is likely to reappear sooner or later, probably sooner.

That is why it is almost always best to start trouble shooting with hardware diagnostics.

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Hi all,

Using Windows XP Pro and JAWS 11. Removed old JAWS (7). Windows said the
machine had to be restarted. I let it happen and now windows don't come up
at all. The drive keeps starting and shutting down. Continuously at about
4 minute intervals.

Any ideas, please.

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