Moderated Re: JAWS2022 April Update, Build 2204.20, Download Link + What's New


Hi tom,

you could even choose "check for updates" from the help menu after declining the update, at which point you will be given the option to download and install the update from your running copy of JAWS.

First, check the update from the resulting list that pops up in the update screen by pressing the spacebar, then press "Install".

You will be asked to accept the license agreement, and then you can press "Install" to actually perform the update.

After restarting your PC, the JAWS update will have been installed, unless there's an error. Should that be the case, the installer will alert you to that fact.

Usually, downloading the installer locally is good when a software version is not as fast or, for whatever reasons, causes your Windows to behave oddly, which happens very rarely these days.

Note that you can only perform updates within a major software release.

You cannot update from JAWS 2021 to JAWS 2022. That is an upgrade and has to be done using the respective installers from the FS website or a Freedom Scientific DVD.



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