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Hi All,


Below is the download link plus what's new for today's April J2022.2204.20 update.


Download link:


What's new:


Enhancements in JAWS 2022.2204.20 (April 2022)


The following is a list of improvements made between the February 2022 release and the April 2022 update.


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• Added a new keystroke, INSERT+SHIFT+Z, to Temporarily suspend Navigation Quick Keys. This is useful if you need to use conflicting keystrokes provided
by a website, but you do not want to completely turn off the Virtual Cursor. Navigation Quick Keys resume when you move focus away from the current browser
window or navigate to a new page. While this new keystroke is the primary way to access this feature and is referenced in Command Search, the old command,
CTRL+INSERT+N, still works for those users who may still press it out of habit.
• When Speech On Demand is active (INSERT+SPACEBAR, S) and you press INSERT+SPACEBAR, V, C to activate the Sound Cards layer, you will now hear speech
as you use UP or DOWN ARROW to select a different sound device.
• Addressed an issue reported by some users where speech would unexpectedly be lost after starting JAWS.
• Addressed a reported issue where capitalized words were not being read correctly when JAWS was configured to indicate capitalization when reading by
word. This only occurred when using Eloquence.
• Improved JAWS support for tables on web pages that scroll to visually show additional rows as you navigate with the ARROW keys.
• Addressed a reported issue where pressing CTRL+INSERT+R to list all regions on web pages was not working in Forms Mode.
• When switching between open document tabs in Google docs, resolved a reported issue where the name of the current tab was not announced if multiple tabs
had the same name.
• In Google Docs, removed the JAWS commands for moving to the start or end of a table row (ALT+CTRL+SHIFT+LEFT or RIGHT ARROW) so Google can make use of
these keystrokes in an upcoming release.
• Added a new Quick Settings option to help improve JAWS performance when navigating large spreadsheets in Excel for Office 365. If JAWS appears to be
sluggish as you navigate a particular spreadsheet, open Quick Settings (INSERT+V) and turn off Allow performance impacting features. This turns off features
known to impact performance including named title regions, multiple region detection on worksheets, and auto detection of row or column totals on spreadsheets
where no formulas exist for totals calculation. These features tend to result in a slower response time with very large spreadsheets.
• In Office 365, JAWS now correctly indicates when a cell in an Excel workbook contains a note or comment. You can then press ALT+SHIFT+APOSTROPHE to read
the note or comment for the current cell. Note that if a comment contains a thread of replies, this keystroke only reads the initial comment in the thread.
To review the entire comment thread for a cell, or see all cells with comments, use F6 or SHIFT+F6 to cycle to the Comments pane. If this pane is not currently
visible, press ALT+R to access the Review tab and select Show Comments. To list all cells with notes, press CTRL+SHIFT+APOSTROPHE.
• When opening the Outlook Scheduling Assistant, the JAWS Virtual Viewer no longer appears as it interfered with a sighted ZoomText or Fusion User's view
of the window. JAWS users can still navigate the contents of the Scheduling Assistant using the ARROW keys.
• Resolved an issue where group headers in menus were not being announced in Microsoft Office apps.
• Updated the help text for the Announce alerts option in the JAWS Quick Settings for Zoom to mention the ALT+WINDOWS Key+S keystroke for temporarily toggling
• The Convert Currency lookup source is once again available for Research It.
• When focused on ARIA content and ALT+INSERT+M is pressed to move to a target element, JAWS now reads the current line that gains focus.
• The Liblouis braille translator used by JAWS and Fusion has been updated to version 3.21.0.
• Resolved an issue with the Italian version of JAWS where various emoji symbols were not being announced as expected.
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