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Hi, I realize that when I had a checkbox like this and I checked the box it would say captia and I'd do what you said. But this checkbox won't check no matter what I do, and I go nowhere with it. Thanks. Judy & Libby

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This means you actually have to do the audio captcha.
Press space on the check box, then insert+z (it may also help to put
chrome in fullscreen mode first.) Tab over, and you'll come to the
captcha, there will be a button for audio challenge. Press enter on
that and shift+tab to where it says play audio challenge: space bar on
It'll ask you to type in the words you hear, it doesn't always matter
if it's not totally exact. Type them into the edit box and then tab
over to a button that says verify: space or enter on that and you're
good to go.

Hope this helps,
- James

On 4/16/22, Milton Ota <mota1252@...> wrote:

Try turning the Virtual Cursor Off with Insert + Z, then press the Spacebar
on the checkbox.

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Subject: check boxes

I am filling out a form to join a list to get pod casts. It's fine all the
way through except at the end when you're supposed to check the "I am not a
robot" box. It won't check. Usually the space bar works, not this time,
tried a few other keys, tried the jaws cursor, but I can't get it to check.
Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. Judy & Libby

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