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Marty Hutchings

If JAWS is playing through your external sound card, than it must be listed in the utilities sound card sub menu.  Which one is checked in that menu?

On 4/16/2022 4:26 PM, T. Civitello wrote:
The USB speakers show in the sound settings and in the Jaws utility settings but the external sound card doesn't show any   place that I can find. Tom

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Subject: Re: Using external sound card to seperate Jaws and music

Your USB computer speakers should show up as an external card also.

On 4/16/2022 1:50 PM, T. Civitello wrote:
I don't have an internal sound card listed in the sound card options. I think this is complicated by the fact that my computer speakers are USB connected. Right now I have Jaws coming through the external card and nothing coming through the computer speakers which is OK I guess but how do I get music  from the internet to go to the sound output and the amplifier? Tom

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Subject: Re: Using external sound card to seperate Jaws and music

Set your default sound card to the amplifier by typing settings in the
windows search bar and using the up and down arrow keys.  After that
is done go into the Jaws utilities menu and choose the internal sound
card specifically, not the default which is now your amplifier.

On Sat, 16 Apr 2022 11:29:43 -0400,
T. Civitello wrote:

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Did not get any help from the Blind Tech list on this subject so thought Jaws users might help. I want to separate Jaws and music when playing background music by routing music to an external amplifier and speakers attached to the amplifier. I have an external sound card which seems to work at least I get a signal when testing it in the control panel. So now how do I route the music to the external card and Jaws to the computer speakers? Tom

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