moderated Re: Jaws22 error: unknown function call to:,shellurltofilesend

Dan Longmore

Best to get latest version of JAWS from internet and re install. Sounds like JAWS and a Windows update had a little tiff and JAWS lost.


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Subject: Jaws22 error: unknown function call to:,shellurltofilesend


I'm running latest Windows10 and latest Jaws22. After some windows updates this week, Jaws V22 is unusable. Not only will it not read anything automatically when I arrow through it, but I now get this message each time Jaws22 starts up. Does anyone know what this means and how to fix it:

unknown function call to:

I've repaired jaws three times,and uninstalled and re-installed twice, but nothing seems to fix the error. I've gone back temporarily to Jaws V21, which does work flawlessly.

Thanks for any advice,

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