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On Wed, Apr 13, 2022 at 09:15 PM, Tony wrote:
Office 2016 on two machines that I purchased a few years ago for $25 each.  They are still being updated.
Office 2016 is still in extended support, and will be so until 2025.  See: 

But all of the installable versions of Office are on a fixed life cycle, and, eventually, support ends.  But even after support has ended, it's still possible to use them.  I used Office 2010 after it was out of support, but not Outlook, as I don't like using anything that has constant contact with cyberspace as part of its operating requirements after it goes out of support.  This is particularly so right after when something goes out of support, as that's the timeframe where hackers know there remains a large embedded base of users who did not move along to a supported version out there.

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