Re: excel 2010 and jaws keyboard command

Danny wells

You will need to change the key assignment for this function to make it much
easier to perform. First, while in an open excel work sheet press insert +
f2. Second, press K for keyboard manager, then hit enter. Third, you
should hear Excel announced. If so, then tab once. This will bring up a
list of functions along with key strokes. Fourth, arrow down to "column 1
announcement or something to that effect. You may press c until you reach
that selection. Fifth, press control h to change the key stroke. I use
control shift 1 to speak the content of the first cell of that column. When
you have made the change, tab down twice, and press enter on ok. It will
ask you to confirm the change. Just press enter. Do the same to speak the
contents of each of the top 4 cells of a column. Remember you can get good
instructions and hehlpful info while in the keyboard manager by pressing
insert f1.

I hope this helps!


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