moderated Re: How to delete favorites in the edge browser

Mike Pietruk


Same here! The only device I need to have synced is a laptop onto which I
can easily tranfer so-called favorites is via a thumb drive.
I do something similar to what David, in his book, outlines.
My favorites are .htm files which I edit in the classic text editor,
Edsharp, and which have a homepage link into each of my browsers.
That way, I can choose whatever browser I want whenever (right now they're
Chrome and Edge) and I have all the links available to me whichever
browser I happen to want to choose.

I started doing this late in my XP days, then in Win 7, and now in Win 10.
This way, I don't concern myself with the bookmarking intracacies a given
browser might have; and that I suspect is why David came up with his

There are many ways to skin the favorites cat; and one can use whichever
fits their current needs.

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