moderated Re: How to delete favorites in the edge browser

Mike Pietruk


I understand what you are saying; but is it truly safe and secure to rely
on something like the cloud given all of the potential hacking,
international intriegue, and all the rest.
And do we really know who might have access to our data in that mysterious
entity known as the cloud.
So, it might be old-fashioned; but you can always periodically copy
favorites to other devices if that's what you need.
While I marvel at what the power of technology can do; I am also sensing
more and more that it's going to bite us back also if we're not careful.
Be careful as to what we wish as there are 2 potential sides to
We've seen the wonders of technology as to what it can do for us; but
perhaps we should discern what it might do to us.

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