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Bill White

Hi, David. In your below steps for creating a shortcut for a website, under step five, you might want to add the following,

By default, nothing is selected in the folder where you will be pressing Alt H W S, to create the shortcut. If, however, anything is selected in the folder, this step will not work until nothing is selected in the folder. Make sure nothing is selected in the folder by pressing Control plus Space, until the screen reader says Not Selected, or until no files or folders are highlighted on the screen


Bill White




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Hi Kimber,

Below is an excerpt from my book which describes a universal way of dealint with bookmarks/favorites, one of the advantages being that you don’t need to relearn all this stuff for each of the browsers you use.



Here goes: 

I will not go over the processes for creating, accessing and managing bookmarks and favorites in the various browsers. Instead, I will present a single approach for centralizing creation and management of favorites/bookmarks in a single folder. Doing all this in a single folder greatly simplifies and streamlines the whole process of managing them if you use multiple browsers. And even if you use a single browser, the process outlined below is easier to learn and use than doing it in any of the browsers.

First, create a new folder somewhere on your computer. This could be in the Documents folder. However, if you use Dropbox or OneDrive, create it in one of those places because this will back up the folder to the cloud. Second, create a desktop shortcut for this folder (see Chapter 7.8 below on how to do this). This will speed up the process of creating, accessing, and managing your favorites.

Steps for creating a favorite are:

1.     On the web page you want to make a favorite, and in whatever browser you happen to be in at the moment, press Alt D or F6 to navigate to the Address bar where the page’s URL is already highlighted.

2.     Press Control C to copy the URL to the Clipboard.

3.     Open the Favorites folder shortcut that you have created on your desktop.

4.     To add the favorite to one of the subfolders here, navigate to it and press Enter. Skip this step if you do not want to place it in a subfolder.

5.     Press Alt H W S which is the ribbon shortcut key for creating a shortcut (I use “World Series” as my mnemonic for this).

6.     You land in an edit field. Press Control V to paste the URL here, and then press Enter.

7.     Type in the name you want to give the favorite in this second edit field, and press Enter.

Managing favorites in this folder is easy because you use the same keystrokes as when managing files and folders elsewhere on the computer. Relevant keystrokes are:

·       Control Shift N: Create new folder.

·       Enter: Open folder.

·       Backspace: Go back up one folder level (Alt Left arrow and Alt Up arrow will also work).

·       Control C: Copy favorite.

·       Control X: Cut favorite.

·       Control V: Paste favorite.

·       F2: Rename folder or favorite.

·       Delete: Delete favorite or folder.

As in your Documents folder, you can first-letter navigate to folders and individual favorites. You can also select multiple folders and favorites, something that is not possible when you manage them in the other browsers.

Many people who have made the transition away from Internet Explorer to one of the other browsers cite grappling with bookmarks as a big challenge. If you adopt the above approach, you can sidestep these problems.

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