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There are great JAWS scripts written by Doug Lee found on his website They’re free and quite worth installing. 

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Teams has become the default communication tool at my company. In the early days of Teams it was bad enough that I had to engage with Microsoft accessibility and Teams PM. For the most part Teams now works pretty well considering how much they packed into it. Here are a few tips and observations in addition to what has been posted already.

- The built-in help for Teams commands is opened by pressing CTRL+slash. This opens a list of commands you can enter on along with their keyboard shortcuts for reference. Alternatively, press CTRL+period to open keyboard shortcuts.

- The JAWS focus gets confused tabbing and shift-tabbing through the message detail and list view, particularly in the chat tab. The easiest way I found to put focus on the chat list is switch to another tab and then back using the CTRL+# shortcuts mentioned previously

- Use CTRL+A CTRL+C to copy a message you have selected to the clipboard,  which you can then paste in a text editor like Word or Note Pad for reference. This is the easiest way to read the full message when it is truncated and open any links in the message.

- When you receive a call on Teams, use CTRL+shift+S to accept the audio call or CTRL+shift+A to accept the video call.

- Toggle mute on and off using CTRL+shift+m.

- Reference the keyboard shortcuts and pages from Microsoft at Accessibility support for Microsoft Teams for articles on Teams accessibility with JAWS.

The longer you use Teams, the more features you will pick up and get comfortable with.

Good luck, Jeremy

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Many thanks


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Checkout the freedom scientific tutorials page for more info.

Tip: once opening the teams, press windows up arrow once to maximize the screen.

Use the shortcuts ctrl1, 2, 3, 4 and so on to navigate between the feeds, chats, callender, calls and so on.

Hope it helps!


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I am finding the same thing.  People are using the chat feature as if it were e-mail.  Sometimes, I am able to read a thread, sometimes not.  I am sure I must be doing something wrong.  I am coming from a Mac environment, and am figuring things out as I go along.  While there is an ATp associated with the organization, she readily admits that she does not use JAWS.

I have figured out how to create, reply to and forward e-mails, etc., join a meeting in Teams, if I can find the link, and I remember how to navigate some web pages, based on my knowledge of JAWS from many years ago.

But, Teams is truly a mystery!







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Hi people,

Have just started a new work role where I am using Microsoft Teams on a laptop using Jaws22. It seems a bit clunky and I am having trouble finding things and engaging with the chat facility which seems to be used as an organisational equivalent of email. Anyway, just wondered if anyone knows of any resources out there which can be used as a training toolkit.


With thanks




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