moderated Re: changing how jaws speaks a word

Steve Nutt

Actually, JAWS also has Eloquence as well as Nuance synthesisers. But it can
use any SAPI5 compliant synth that you happen to have on your PC.

It also can use the Windows OneCore synthesiser that is built into all
copies of Windows.

All the best


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Subject: Re: changing how jaws speaks a word

Hi Mark,

the synthesizer used by JAWS are called Vocalizer Expressive Version 2 and
is a product from Nuance ( If you want a good overview and
details about synthesizers (also known as Text To Speach = TTS), you can
read more here:


The Voacalizer synthesizer used by JAWS is the same synthesizer included in
the Mac World (iPhone, iPad, iMac and so on), maybe in another version.
There are only a few TTS systems out there, for example Microsoft Core
Voices, Acapella, Vocalizer - which are the most famous voices.


Am 09.04.2022 um 01:25 schrieb Mark <mweiler@...>:

Who makes the speech synthesizers used by JAWS? And does anyone have
stories about how speech synthesizers are made? It's a complete mystery to
me, so anything that can stretch my imagination would be appreciated.

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