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Bill White

Hi, Kevin. I have tried to call you a few times. If I can talk to you, I can help you rid yourself of this issue.


Bill White




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Hi Brian,

I followed your steps and I still get the message. I uninstalled Google Chrome and reinstalled. I followed your steps  and I still get the message. I used Firefox and I don’t get this message. I did talked to text support at my insurance company and was told it is a Chrome issue since I was able to use FireFox. I went back to Chrome and went to other sites and I don’t get this message. Any thoughts of what I could now do?




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Subject: Re: Message from Google Chrome


If you want to forbid ANY site from asking for (or accessing your location):
1. Open Chrome Settings.
2. Navigate to the Privacy and Security Settings
3. In those settings, navigate to Site Settings and open.
4. In Site Settings, Permissions Section, the first option is Location, navigate to it and open it.
5. The default radio button, Sites can ask for your location, will be selected.  Go to the next associated radio button, Don't allow sites to see your location, and activate it.
6. Optional, beneath that radio button is the Customized Behaviors section, there are two subsections, Not allowed to see your location and Allowed to see your location each of which will contain a list of sites you've previously denied or allowed location access for.  You can selectively delete these if desired.

Google isn't what's accessing your location, per se, in the instances under discussion here, but the websites you're browsing.  Google is keeping records regarding which you wish to allow or disallow that access for.  If you turn off Google's ability to ask permission then, effectively, all websites other than those you may have already allowed will be disallowed going forward, as you are telling Chrome not to ask you on behalf or sites if they can access your location - which means they can't, and you won't be asked if they can.

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