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Hi, I’ve been getting the same thing when on a website like banking, and as Mike sent you, you can turn it off so that the website can’t find your location, but honestly with my bank or shopping online at a local store, it is good that they find your location. So I just ignore it. Judy & Libby


From: [] On Behalf Of kevin meyers
Sent: Friday, April 8, 2022 8:01 PM
Subject: Message from Google Chrome


Hi, I have the most recent version of Google Chrome. I go to my health insurance web site and I enter my user id and password. I then get the message “This site can access your location, change this setting in the address bar.” I looked in settings for something to make some type of change and couldn’t find anything. Well I wasn’t sure what I was looking to change. I cleared out browsing data and the message still appears. I’m taken back to the log on screen and each time I enter my user id and password the message still appears. Any thoughts?




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