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Mike B.

Hi Shai,
About the closest you can come to doing this is to have Jaws speak the letters phonetically using character navigation.  Steps are below.
If you only want to do this in a particular application open the Settings Center while using the application, but if you want to do this in all applications open the Settings Center default all applications using steps below.
Try the following:
1. Open the Settings Center in either of these 2 ways.
A. Press, Insert / Jaws Key + 6, on the number row above the main keyboard.
B. Press, Insert / Jaws Key + F2, to open the, Jaws Manager, arrow down,
Settings Center, & press enter.
With the Settings Center open press, control, shift , + D, to open the
Settings Center Default All Applications.

2. Down arrow to, Text Processing closed, and right arrow to open.
3. Down arrow to, General closed, and right arrow to open.
4. Down arrow to, Phonetic Announcement closed and right arrow to open.
5. Down arrow to, When pausing after character navigation..., and use the spacebar to toggle through the 4 options.  The 4 options are, Never, after one half second, after 1 second and after 1 and one half seconds.
6. If you make any changes tab to, Apply, press the spacebar then tab to, Okay, and press the spacebar or enter to save & close.
Stay safe and take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.

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Subject: JAWS phonetic announcement as one types

Hello all,
Is there a JAWS script for JAWS2022 that one knows of to have JAWS
announce each letter phonetically as they type? I have a student who
is looking for this and I know that this functionality is not
currently supported.
Thank you in advance for any responses.

Shai Wolman
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