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I have this problem as well using Fusion 2022 and Windows 10. The only work around that I have had some success with is using the Ctrl + s command after each item that I input which does not crash the Adobe Reader program.

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Yes, I am using the Adobe acrobat DC reader. And I can begin to fill out the forms, just somewhere through the process it will crash. Usually I am alt tabbing back-and-forth to other documents which is giving me the information I need to fill out the form, and after a bunch of alt tabs the PDF will crash.

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Hi there. Are you using the Adobe DC reader when filling out the PDF's? If not, I would certainly try that. Also, I would check and see if your Adobe reader security settings allow you to edit PDF's. You may want to check that under preferences.

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Subject: PDFs constantly crashing

Good morning everyone,
I am having lots of trouble trying to do any kind of fillable PDF with jaws. I’ve listen to Freedom scientific‘s webinars, and I’m not seeing any reference to this issue. But every time I try to fill out a PDF, at some point through the process, the whole thing crashes and I lose everything. Is it just not possible to do fillable PDFs with Jaws? I have tried on various computers and usually try with the most updated version of fusion, although the one I have at work right now is fusion 2020 because I am still waiting for my workplace to get me the upgrade to 2022. But even at home with my fusion 2022 I still have this issue.

Thank you, Bonnie Vegiard

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