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Steve Nutt

Hi Mike,

I don't know, but the dictionary file for JAWS is a *.JDF file.

All the best


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Thanks for that reminder; and this certainly complicates things and
strengthens my belief that, in most instances, one is better off leaving
well enough alone.

Presumably, since JAWS has a dictionary, there are words already in it.
Is there a way to bring up a list (or a readable file containing them) so
one could study what modifications have been implemented?
In the old Window-eyes, one could do this seeing what words had changes
made, what the changes looked like, and one could quickly add words or
phrases to be modified and saved.

On Thu, 7 Apr 2022, Steve Nutt wrote:

But remember, it's not the screen reader that initially pronounces the
word wrong, it's the synthesiser.

Sometimes, if you change synth, you will get a correct pronunciation.

All the best


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Brian makes a great point here.

Initially, I was much like Karen upset when a word was mispronounced
expecting a screen reader to be a perfect speaker of the English
language and my version of the English language, namely USA English.
Then, something else struck me.

From a practical standpoint, I am the only listener of my screen reader.
As long as I am the only listener/reader, as long as I know what it is
trying to say, that's all that matters.
Now, if the way it says something might confuse me, certainly, work on
a change.
And, as Brian suggests, it may not be as simple as one expects to
accomplish the fix.

And, of course, we have words in English that are spelled the same but
are pronounced quite differently given the context.
Example, the word spelled W I N D which could have a log or short "letter
sound given the meaning.
You are never going to be able to fix that totally.

JFW is a tool, not the perfect ennunciator of a language. As long as
you knows what it means, that's what matters. If anything, be more
concerned that you spell things correctly, especially if what you are
preparing needs to be understood by someone else as a reader not using
JFW or another screen reader.

On Wed, 6 Apr 2022, Brian Vogel wrote:

I want to add one thing to Mike B's excellent instructions, and that
you may want to consider playing with the "how you want it to be
pronounced by JAWS" spelling options in something like Notepad so that
you can listen to what your "interesting spellings" will actually
sound like when JAWS reads them.

There's sometimes a significant amount of trial and error coming up
an alternate phonetic spelling that actually gets read the way you
want it to.  But after you have that pronunciation nailed, then use
that spelling in the replacement.

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